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Questions to ask before hiring a real estate agent

  • What is your niche market?
  • Are you full-time?
  • Do you conduct open houses?
  • May I contact your past clients for feedback?
  • How often will we communicate?
  • How many daily visitors does your website receive?
  • Do you have a copy of the Realtor Code of Ethics?
  • Which Multiple Listing Service do you participate in?
  • Do you currently live in Nanuet?
  • How do you get involved with your community?


Should I look for a new home first or sell my current home first? 

This is a common question, especially from condo owners that want to upgrade to a house in Rockland County.  It would seem safer to find a new home first.  But this is misleading.  Rest assured a qualified real estate agent will not leave you homeless.  It is important and financially smarter to put your existing home on the market first.  Once a buyer is under contract for your existing home than proceed to a new home.

Why this way?

If the amount of money available to spend on your new Rockland County home will depend on the sales price of your existing home then every dollar counts.  You may have a ball park price for your home’s current value for but only after accepting an offer will you know exactly how much equity and how much time it will take.

In Rockland County, especially Nanuet, sellers will be less likely to accept an offer that has a contingency about another home selling.  They fear taking their home off the market and losing valuable market time while the home needs to sell.

If you could find a seller that would accept this contingency they will usually ask for something in return. More Money. Searching for a  new Rockland County home first will limit your ability to negotiate and leave you paying more than you should have to for your future home.

It is self-inflicted stess to find a home you really love and then hope it is still available whenver your home sells.  Remember that the pristine Nanuet homes still sell quickly in any market.

On the opposite side, when you list your existing home for sale you will better positioned to negotiate with buyers if you are not under pressure to sell.  Once a buyer learns that you already have a new home they assume desperation to sell and will offer less than they otherwise would have.

Contracts will be carefully worded so that if the purchase of your new home does not happen, than the contract for sale of your existing home will be void.

List first, shop -You wont be homeless and you can negotiate with power.  Buy first and sell later- Pay more for the new home and get paid less for the current home.

Having a detail oriented, organized and experienced Rockland County real estate agent coordinating both transactions is highly critical.   Communication is also key.  During these multi structured transactions your Rockland County real estate agent must continually facilitate information between other agents, lawyers, home inspectors, loan officers, appraisers and title companies and insurance companies.  A professional Rockland County real estate agent does more than just advertise homes for sellers and unlock doors for buyers.  Real estate agents are the project managers.  They are the quarterbacks of a no-huddle offense, they make sure all parties involved are doing their job and working towards your common goal.  They put out the fires that could derail your dreams.  They generate out of the box solutions to one of a kind issues.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ in the real estate industry.   In a free market economy in which the customer ultimately weaves out the industries that don’t provide value for the services, the real estate industry has maintained a long-term presence in the Rockland County real estate market.  Real estate agents provide value.  Technology will evolve and roles will change but service and creative problem solving will always be in demand.

If you need to sell your home you must interview qualified real estate professionals.
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